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COURSES Price List

Approved Motorcycle Skills Courses

Can-US offers an ICBC Approved Motorcycle Skills Training Program for new riders (both motorcycle and scooter) in both individual and group training formats for $649. All approved courses include use of course bikes, gloves and helmets, and include your Motorcycle Skills Assessment (if you meet the ICBC course standards) Course length may vary from 18-21 hrs depending on the number of students.

ICBC Approved Motorcycle Skills Course Practical training

Practical skills training is usually help in 3-6 hr blocks Thursday and Friday or Saturday and Sunday. The Approved Motorcycle Skills Course training hrs range for a Minimum of 6-10 hrs depending on the number of students.

Private Lessons

We offer 3 hour blocks of private riding skills and traffic training.

Students wanting private lessons can also complete the Approved Motorcycle Skills Course with a minimum of 6 hrs practical skills training plus the classroom training (see price list for current prices).

Students without previous riding experience may find the practical takes more than 6 hours.

Students without previous riding experience may find the practical takes more than 6 hours.

Traffic Training

We offer in traffic training for graduates of our Approved Skills Course and our hourly skills training. In traffic training is held in 3hr blocks whenever best suits the students. Traffic Training give you valuable feedback on how well you maintain the space, visibility and traction you need to ride safe on the street. While most training is done in groups of 3 or 4, the focus is on how you make decisions as a solo rider while also giving you insights into the fun and challenges of riding with friends.

Already licensed?

For licensed riders we offer skills and traffic refresher courses consisting of 2 hours of theory and 5 hours of practical training for $199.

Refresher Training

Want to shake the rust off your riding skills now that the rain is finally tapering off? Sign up for our 10 hr spring refresher. The course consists of one evening of theory and one day of practical skills training. Or if you have completed an Approved Motorcycle Skills Course in the past you can just take the 7 hour skills brush-up. If you also want to brush up on your street skills you can add the 7 hr traffic refresher (see the price list for all current prices).

See the Home page for the next dates. Contact John Eastman @ fjwaistperson@gmail.com or 604-812-6369 for details and registration

Price List

S. No.Course NamePrice
1 3 hr private training blocks $145
2 7 hr Refresher courses (skills or traffic) $199
3 7 hr Traffic Course (Skills training graduates only) $199
4 One on one Approved Skills Course (minimum 12 hrs) $599
5 9 hr refresher (2.5 hrs theory, 6.5 hrs practical) $225

All prices include gst where applicable

*minus $5/hr on practical lessons for using your own bike


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