Approved Motorcycle Skills Training Program Disclaimer

  1. All students taking ICBC approved programs must meet the course standards set by ICBC before the school can do their skills assessment.
  1. Certification by the Facility does not guarantee that ICBC will remove the supervision and speed restrictions from your Learner’s Licence; ICBC may require a certified trainee to be retested by a Driver Examiner.
  1. A class 8 trainee may not submit the certification form to ICBC until the Earliest Exam Date indicated on their learner’s licence.


Students understand that learning to ride a motorcycle has inherent risks.

While Can-US Driving School takes all reasonable measures to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. Can-US cannot guarantee that you will complete the course without crashing.

Any activity that is deliberately contrary to your instructors directions or is deemed unsafe by the instructor may result in you being removed from the course for your own safety and the safety of other students.  


  1. Can-US offers an ICBC Approved Motorcycle Skills Training Program for new riders (both motorcycle and scooter) consisting of a minimum of 8 hours of classroom and 10 hours of practical plus your Motorcycle Skills Assessment (if you meet the ICBC course standards) for $549 (Course length may vary from 18-21 hrs depending on the number of students)
  2. Students wanting private lessons can complete the approved course with a minimum of 6 hrs practical skills training plus the classroom training for $549. Students without previous riding experience may find the practical takes more than 6 hours.
  3. We offer 3 hour blocks of private (one on one) skills training for $180 or group training (max 4 students) for $80/student. With permission of the instructor, students who take 3 hr training blocks may book school motorcycles for the ICBC skills test at the Surrey office for $80 extra (includes 30 minutes warm up time).
  4. We also offer 3 hour blocks of private classroom training (knowledge test prep or practical training theory) for $150 or group training for $50/student.
  5. Our skills and traffic refresher courses for experienced and returning riders each consist of 2 hours of theory and 5 hours of practical training for $199.
  6. We offer two traffic skills courses. 7 hrs of practical for graduates of our ICBC Approved Skills Course (includes free use of a school motorcycle for the road test) or 2 hours of theory and 5 hrs of practical for students taking our hourly training for $199 (students who do not successfully complete our approved skills course must pass the ICBC skills test and a rider evaluation prior to the traffic course).
  7. The Approved Skills Course and the traffic course are offered as a package for $699 ($49 discount).
  8. Individuals who do not meet the skills course performance standards by the last practical hour can take extra training for $50/hr or use your own bike to do the skills test through ICBC.
  9. All practical training blocks include a minimum of 50 minutes of riding time per hour except the first hour of our skills courses which spends 30 minutes covering bike set up, controls and safety checks.
  10. There will be a maximum of 4 students per instructor for all practical training.
  11. Students are responsible for booking their own road tests and booking use of the school vehicle if needed.
  12. Students receive a $5/hr discount on practical training if they use their own motorcycles (bike must meet school, safety, and legal standards)
  13. All fees must be paid in advance.
  14. Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the individual lesson fee.
  15. No Refunds.


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